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Beth Scheller Joining the Child Protection & Aquatics Safety Thought Leader Cohort

Youngstown Ohio — The YMCA of Youngstown’s very own Beth Scheller, the Chief Operating Officer, has been chosen to represent the YMCA Movement as a member of the Child Protection and Aquatics Safety Thought Leader Cohort. 

The Child Protection and Aquatics Safety Thought Leader Cohort expands and improves upon existing child protection and aquatics safety efforts. By leveraging partnerships with third-party experts, this group will research and assess current initiatives, identify gaps, and test innovative solutions and tools that advance the Y-s child abuse prevention and aquatic safety efforts across the movement. 

Beth is very excited to participate in this valuable program to help provide new and existing safety measurements to benefit the Y and all its members. She knows that “Educating parents on what to look for and how to talk to their children about this important social issue is at the core of the YMCA’s mission and social responsibility work. We not only want kids to be safe at the YMCA, but we want all kids to be safe in our community and in their homes.”  

To ensure that children, members, staff, and volunteers are always safe at the Y and to continue preventing instances of abuse and serious aquatic events, the Y is committed to remaining a leader in innovation in Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) and Aquatics Safety. As we move forward, we are focused on supporting Y’s in creating programs, services, and business models for the future. One way in which YMCA of the USA supports this work is through convening Thought Leader Cohorts that will leverage the experience, skills, and perspective of Y staff from across the Movement. 

 We know we are at our best when we work together to solve critical issues. Our staff has always been committed to the overall health of our members, our CEO, Tom Gacse believes this and could not be more proud, “The safety and well-being of our youth has always been a top priority at the YMCA of Youngstown.  We are proud that Beth is being recognized for this critical role in the YMCA movement.”  Over the past 12 months, Ys have demonstrated the ability to adapt programs and services quickly to meet community needs in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and locally-created solutions have been shared and adopted throughout.  

 Facilitated by Y-USA, but driven by local YMCAs, this cohort will expand and improve upon existing child protection and aquatics safety efforts.  


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5 Days of Action

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